5 Gadgets that Increase Productivity of Business Events


We are living in the age of technology and automation. Automated gadgets and machines have changed the way we lived and did business, and is continuously doing so. Technology has made it easy for humans to perform hardcore tasks in many ways. Today we greatly depend on these helpful products to perform our business and personal tasks. Tablet computers are commonly used in professional places but now they are making their way into professional events. Business functions are very important for any business. It brings enormous benefits by creating brand awareness, trust among users or customers, leads generation is also a benefit organization can reap by hosting or conducting such eves. Technology plays a very important role here, and tech-savvy firms use the latest technology by blending multiple marketing strategies with them. One of the very commonly used is leasing iPad service but there are many others. Let’s take a look at what technologies can be productive for professional functions.


If you think that talking hours on a topic no matter how much-experienced speaker your hire, would keep your audience engaged, you are taking a wrong line. Without proper visual aide, attendees lose interest. Projectors could be very productive as they can be easily configured with any type of computer. It allows you to project computer screen before the audience. You can either hire or buy a projector for your event as you desire.

Touch Displays:

If you are participating in a tradeshow, you can generate tons of targeted leads and customers by using touchscreen displays. Touch screen displays like multi-touch plasma display can grab the attention of people with their uncommon screen size. A plasma display normally has the size of 65 to 85 inches. You can also market your products, services, conduct surveys and ask for product reviews using this amazing technological invention.

Video Walls:

A video wall is most productive during tradeshows and large conferences where there are thousands of attendees. Due to its large size, a video wall can be seen from quite a large distance. And you can easily run any marketing campaign for your products and services, product reviews, business ads and other such tactics to grab the attention of attendees.

Hire iPad from a rental service:

iPad is an expensive device but can be easily leased from a rental company. They are very commonly used by entrepreneurs around the globe in their meetings, conferences and trade shows. The level of interactivity an iPad can provide is no match to other products. It can be used for conferences, meetings, and tradeshows in a number of ways. You can incorporate them with right accessories in trade eves to conduct surveys, getting feedback during large conferences, sharing a screen, videos, images, facts and other details during a meeting. And most important of all you can hire iPad from a rental company near you at very simple terms and affordable price.

Charging Stations:

The charging station can work as a magnet during a trade show. While people charge their gadgets using your station, you can use that time to conduct any survey, market a product or service or any other such activity. They can also be transformed into a marketing tool using right accessories.


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