5 Major Advantages of PBX Systems over Usual Phones for Business

PBX systems

Triumph in business majorly depends on the communication between the clients and the industrialists. And obviously, a large company is bound to have a huge number of clients. Handling all the clients at the same time with traditional telephones is not everyone’s cup of tea as it requires a lot of machinery to be bought as well as employees. PBX systems or Private Branch Exchange system provides telephonic broadening to the PSTN or Public Switched Telephonic Network through which commercial level internal communication is achieved.

Types of PBXs

There are mainly two categories of PBX systems which are as follows-

  1. IP-PBX

PBX systems have evolved alongside with VoIP technology. IP-PBX uses VoIP technology to channel the calls properly over the internet. IP-PBX systems are appreciated more because the bunch of tasks they can perform. The only drawback of IP-PBX systems is that they are a little bit expensive cause they are in-house services and to work efficiently they require investment for hardware, software, etc.

  1. Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is more beneficial and effective for small businesses which can’t afford expensive IP-PBX systems. Hosted PBX works on cloud-based concepts. So it does not require much hardware, software, setting up and other safeguarding costs in comparison to IP-PBX. Hosted PBX is not an internal service like IP-PBX. Providers over the internet offer this service. The only problem with Hosted PBX is they are not as efficient as IP-PBX. They come pre-configured, so modification is tough also. However, they are cheaper than IP-PBX.

Benefits of PBX systems

PBX systems may be complex, but their assistance for the business is that great which makes people forget about its complexity. Main advantages of PBX over conventional telephones are as follows-

  1. The versatility of lines: – With PBX systems installed some lines can be used in the company. Supervising the outgoing and incoming calls is also easy with this system.
  2. Division of a single phone: – PBX system allows dividing one solo phone lines into several inner This feature saves the owners a whole lot of money because with single connection several departments can be reached within the company. So, no need to pay extra for excess connections and hardware.
  3. Use of VoIP: -PBX systems use VoIP process for making the calls. VoIP is a modern technology in telecommunication world which has reduced the call rates and increased the quality of calls to a great extent. So PBX system has the edge over usual telephones in pricing category also.
  4. Updated technology: – PBX offers current communication items like Call recording, Voicemail, IVR or Interacting Voice Response, too which is never possible with telephones.
  5. Automation: – Using of IVR in PBX system allows it to direct clients to the requisite departments automatically by asking him or her about his or her preferences through voice set of choices.

PBX systems are helping businessmen to have clearer and wider communication range through the industry with enabling them to handle more and more clients than before. Moreover, it is clear to all that more the number of clients increase more enhance the revenue of the business gets!


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