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Best Tires Services

About company or show room details : The company and showroom ASHOK MOTORS are located in the Delhi NCR region.

ASHOK MOTORS has been the tires business are establish in year 2002. ASHOK MOTORS has two branches in noida.

Our the first store is located at the car market of sector 16 noida. We are recently open same showroom sector 51 noida .

We keep up with the latest happenings in the dynamic environment and implement. All the latest technology to serve our customer better.

Tires services : It is define as tires services a services to identifiers and description of tires to improve load indexing  and tires speed rating. Tires services are more compulsory to your any vehicle like car , bike, high loading vehicles etc. Best tires services to provide dealer available in market.

Provide services in their showroom :

The ASHOK MOTORS showroom provide many services like as: latest tires changers,wheel alignments system, wheel balancers and nitrogen filling machines.

1.Wheel alignment : it is define as wheel alignments is to adjust and align the wheels of your car and other vehicles . it is the proper contact with the road and proper angles with each provide as more quality and proper handling your vehicles.

2.Wheel Balancing : It is process that equalizing weight of the combined tires and wheel assembly that is spins and high smoothly speed. Balancing involves putting the wheel on a balancer which centers the wheel and spins determine the weight should go.

  1. Rim Straightening : It is provide that increase tires life, reduce fuel tires, improved handling, lower CO2 emission etc.

4.Nitrogen Inflation : this nature of nitrogen filling that cooler compressed air and cooler tires means on the stress tires wheel moving are lesser.The tread also wear and tear lesser due to temperature lesser.

Provide types of tires services : ASHOK MOTORS showroom are provide number of tires services providing like as: Apollo tires Bridgestone tires, CEAT tires, JK tires, Goodyear tires, Michelin tires, Pirelli tires and Yokohama tires etc.

We have provide other services like as : family car tires, SUV tires, bike tires and commercial vehicles tires.

Important parameters are perform in tires

Performance of tires : it is mainly used high performance of tires used in market and any vehicles.the high performance of tires made from rubber compounds, natural rubber and other material are used. Tires are softer to used all seasons. Tires get lower treadwear rating and shorter life span. High performance of tires are offer and provide less road grip. Road grip means more stress on the engine taking corners and acceleration of speed.

Load range of tires :  The tires are divide alphanumeric digit like A,B,C,D,E ( class of tires). it is tires provide features a load range . The B class tires are indicates to restricted the carry load.  

Meaning of tires numbers : The each and every tires on mention the unique number for each company. The meaning of these number as tire measured the distance in millimeters from sidewall to side wall. The show first three numbers or digit are mention or show size refer to tires width. For example P2 315/75 R15 the tires width is 315 millimeters.

These types of important tire parameters are perform to exchange new tires and old tires by the showroom.

Types of tires

All seasons tires : It is define as all seasons tires are easily handle the variety and types of tires of road condition. The variety of tires on road condition like as dry roads, wet roads. Tires perform good in many cases and light snow. The mainly tires like two types winter tires and summer tires.

Winter tires types : it is define as winter tires are specially perform in winter condition like as low temperature, fog, slush, etc.

Summer tires types : It is define as summer tires are specially perform in summer condition like as high temperature, hot temperature etc.

Get free membership with every set of Apollo Tires

  1. Assistance in case of battery failure
  2. Arrangement of emergency fuel at actual cost of fuel
  3. Towing the vehicles to the place of members choice, if repair can not be undertaken at roadside.


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