How can Lead Generation Companies use LinkedIn for Business?


Nowadays, social networking sites have become the perfect place for the marketers to contact the potential customers for better business’s profitability. But, businesses usually put their focus on Facebook and Twitter because of the larger user base and here they make the first mistake because there are many users who are also active on other social media websites.

If you are a business owner and don’t know that how leads can be generated on LinkedIn, following points will help you: 

ü Share updates

To generate leads through LinkedIn, it is very necessary to share updates on the regular basis. It is the best way to appear on the connection’s news feed. Therefore, lead generation companies always ensure that their agents post relevant & informative content related to the business as it draws the attention of interested LinkedIn users. Apart from that, adding hashtags can increase the reach of the content as it will be shown to those people who are searching for the same hashtags.

ü Participate in the groups

A surprising thing about LinkedIn is that around 2.1 million groups exist on its platform. So, if you are a salesperson, it is advisable for you to join the highly active groups because it is the best way to make more connections. In addition to this, commenting on others’ posts, giving quick replies, and getting indulged in the discussion will help you in building the trust with the group members and that means more leads can be generated.

ü Use of ‘InMail’ and advanced filters.

Most of the lead generation companies in UK usually opt for the ‘LinkedIn Premium’ or ‘Sales Navigator’ account as it allows the sales executives to use advanced search filters that help the latter while generating the leads. Apart from that, salespeople consider ‘InMail’ as a distribution channel because it allows them to send messages to those individuals who aren’t the part of the former connection. Moreover, InMail also helps in getting past the gatekeeper so that nothing can come in the way while making contact with prospects. Another interesting fact is that marketers usually generate 30 times extra leads while using InMail as compared to the calling.

ü Be active

Being a sales executive, it is advisable for you to be active on LinkedIn as long as you can. Sometimes, readers post comments after reading the shared content and that is the perfect time to make a connection with them by saying a simple ‘Thank You’ or giving a thoughtful reply. Moreover, this thing gives a positive impact on the readers and that will encourage them to share your content on their newsfeed and that will bring the golden opportunity to generate more leads.

Wrapping Up:

This blog explains that how lead generation companies can use the platform of LinkedIn for better business’s productivity. We hope that you understood the above-mentioned points. But, if you want to know more regarding the same, be connected with us.


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