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sports safety padding

There are different names used for gym safety padding like wall pads, gym wall padding, athletic pads, protective padding, wall mats, etc. Irrespective of the name used to call these sports accessories, they are very much instrumental towards providing additional safety layer to the players on the court. They are also found to be key features for almost every school or public gymnasium. The wall padding along with other sport mat types are constructed carefully as well as designed for greater impact and provide full protection to the players. They are indeed worth the investment and secure the players, protecting them from all types of injuries.

Enhanced protection

The players might trip up and fall or run into a wall or post accidently, be it in professional or friendly games. The fact is most of the gyms have solid cement block designing and tend to feature steel poles. The impact upon the player on the occasion of the accident can be dangerous and extremely painful. The sports safety padding or the safety mats used have a dense foam core that cushions the player against the impact. This way, major injuries can be prevented especially to the head including other body parts.

Other interesting features

These pads are not only good for impact safety. This is more so, in the case of wall padding. The latter does help to lift up the atmosphere of the gym with its exciting splash of color. It helps to showcase school’s colors as well as to emphasize the hazards to the players. Moreover, vinyl protective covers used are waterproof and cleaned easily and effortlessly. It can also be sanitized to stop spreading bacteria and germs. It is possible to customize wall padding for including the team’s print images, logo, and name, which in turn can help boost the school spirits at events. Foam core used also helps to absorb unnecessary sound, thereby helping the indoor gym from unwanted noise and also to reduce the games’ echo.

Safety pads and wall padding are made of the same material. Firm foam interior is present combined with durable, good quality vinyl plastic covers. These are designed to take a good amount of abuse. Besides this, a vinyl material has been tested for damage and tear, to ensure that wear and tear in years can be handled efficiently. Foam core is also made from polyurethane and polyethylene. They can be found of different thicknesses and densities, which again depend upon the specific requirements and needs. Several wall pads have been designed using wood backed panel called wafer board. It is mounted on the wall to ensure that it does not move.

It is very much essential for every school to require high-quality standard safety padding for safeguarding the health of their students when playing or practicing games. Those interested to buy one can contact the leading suppliers in the region who can offer prompt assistance with the selection process. They can help with the quality and type to be selected and also custom design the safety padding to meet the specific requirements.


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