What is Mobile App Content Indexing for SEO?

Mobile app indexing

Search engine optimization for websites is constantly evolving and just recently Google has unofficially rolled out a new algorithm update to have a heavier focus on mobile friendliness of website. One of the new elements of this algorithm update is mobile app indexing.

Mobile app indexing defined

Mobile app indexing is a seo tool which allow businesses to index their mobile app content so that it can be found by search engines once a user search a relevant search term on Google from the mobile device. The tool was created to reward businesses with higher search rankings for indexing their app content. This update was part of the shift to accommodate U.S.A’s 60% web users along with the increasing number of web users through mobile devices instead of desktop PCs.

Why is app indexing important?

The idea of implementing app indexing is to create a more integrated online-mobile experience. App indexing creates more opportunities for businesses by directing customers towards the apps when the app content gets indexed by the search engine and start displaying against the search terms on search engines.

Take for example a person who searches for a dinner recipe on their phone. They may have forgotten they downloaded an app months ago for healthy recipes. Google can now provide a recipe which is within the app they already have in their results or may prompt the searcher to install a new app to access a recipe.

Meeting mobile demands

As expected, mobile app content indexing will make web browsing more convenient for users and profitable for businesses. Mobile users are going to take benefit from the search results that are going be whole lot richer with newer and more relevant content and similarly businesses will benefit by getting more traffic on their mobile apps.

Let’s you stay competitive

Having mobile apps that can link to your website can heave remarkable impact on your overall business growth. Google as well, considers an indexed app a positive sign towards customer engagement. The content provided is considered unique from the website and of incremental value. As a result both the website and app are seen as more valuable. More and more businesses will start to put their focus on application development simply to stay relevant in the search ranking results and to ensure that they stay ahead of the competition.

Drives more engagement

Businesses is all about customers. More the customer better the profit. The businesses of today seem to be struggling with customer acquisition, let alone engagement. This is where app content helps. An informative app content persuade the users to take a deep dive in the app, exploring its features while learning more about the overall usability. This not only engages the users but also create a memorable user experience. Take for example a photo editing app. The user takes a photo through it and step by step learn about its features while trying them simultaneously. This not only develops the user interest in the app, chances are he might even make an in-app purchase too.

Mobile app content indexing is useful for just about every business opting to venture in the mobile app development sector. It has tremendous potential to boost your sales, and is all about providing meaningful content to the user that is also indexed and is available to be seen on the search engines. To learn more about the app indexing, contact your local seo agency right away.


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