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When it comes to communications for tech companies in times of crisis, there is usually a good rule to be followed. This rule is to create an airtight strategy that is so powerful that it will, in itself, all but guarantee that your company will easily sail through the most gritty of negative publicity. This is what these companies must realize. A golden rule for any PR Agency is to keep all necessary data and information under wraps. There are many tech companies out there who do observe this fact almost religiously and up until now, it has worked wonders for their brand value.

News cycles in the tech industry are as changeable as the technology they are reporting on. Also, the consumers themselves have a very selective and temporary memory that is at the forefront of their consumption of news about the tech industry itself. The only downside to having all this information kept under wraps is that it may sometimes backfire and the company may be accused of shying away from the transparency that is should be projecting to its audience and consumers. This is the reason that tech giants are now hiring PR agencies to ensure that this information secrecy is not misconstrued as an attempt to get away from transparency.

Tech PR Companies must be on the fact that the consumer will see transparency as a good thing and must advise these tech companies that there is everything to gain by coming out into the open, but it must also be tempered by caution. People love your products and services and also appreciate the fact that you are open with your company’s policies and systems, but only so long as that information is handled in a proper and mature way and may not totally be with what’s happening behind the curtain.

Tech PR bringing consumers and companies together

We can see where this is working in a new platform in the marketplace where companies can create places within the online environment that can turn the most popular searched items into their own viral content creation platform. This type of endeavor might first be shrouded in secrecy due to the proprietary nature of the processes that go into the creation of such a platform. When these are taken by any PR agency and made available to the news sections, they may reap multiple benefits to the tech company, but it may also reveal practices that the public might not find to be very palatable.

Public Relations work is often seen as a selfish practice, where the PR firm tries to get a lot done without actually contributing to the environment of information gathering and sharing. This, at best results in the kind of media management for their own clients and they may just be building valuable relationships so that these can be exchanged for some favorable media biases in favor of their clients themselves. PR pros must look for a better way.



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