4 Top Aspects why Mastering some Communications Skills is Necessary for Physicians


Medical students around the world try hard to get the expertise in the subjects they are studying. It is a foregone conclusion that it is necessary for them not just to pass out the course but to become a better doctor by perfecting the theoretical and practical aspects. But there is one aspect in which most students do not have such expertise, especially during their studies. That is communication skills which is nowadays a requirement for any field and is taught in any caribbean medical school or place of university in the US/Canada too.

For physicians, who are always in direct contact with the patients and their respective relatives and their own staff at the hospital, it is a critical factor. If a doctor is not being able to connote what is going on in a particular case to the patient or the support staff, than it can be a real problem. There are many difficult situations that may arise in hospitals for which a physician must have proper communication skills.

Let me offer you 4 scenarios in which apt communication skills is a requirement.

  1. Breaking Bad News

This can be really difficult for a person who has just joined a hospital or a medical institute. Doctors in this situation need to excel the skills of showing empathy and offering a person the required support before and after breaking a bad news. If it is about the imminent death of a relative or the diagnosis of a severe illness, apt communication skills in this regard is the prime requirement.

Identifying patient’s concern and assessing if the patient or his relatives can cope up with the situation is another chief requirement. So good skills for doctors in this regard can go a long way in making them not just a good doctor but a polite person too.

  1. Culturally Appropriate Communication Skills

Communications skills for the doctors/physicians need to perfected if he is practicing in a country where multicultural population lives. Caribbean region and many cities in Canada like Toronto boost of population having diverse backgrounds and nationalities. So uttering the right words and in the right tone is a definite requirement for a doctor so that he is able to communicate well with the patients.

  1. Communicating with Children

Children are very different from adults and need to be taken care of quite well. As a physician, if you have to talk to them, you need to make sure that you talk to them very politely and in a friendly manner. You can’t use technical jargons or complex vocabulary with them even to connote a simple enough task like taking tablet for their sake.

  1. Communicating with Victims of Abuse

Another tough group of people, victims of abuse of any kind like domestic or by hands of terrorists can be really tough to negotiate or even talk to. So physicians need to be on their toes in order to talk to them about any matter whatsoever because no one can predict what their reaction can be. If you want to make the victim trust you, you need to have excellent skills to communicate with such people so that they think of you as a friend, not just as a doctor.

Final Word

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