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Aptitude test is gaining importance in the recent years, and most of the interview processes make sure to incorporate the analysis. It is because the test helps not in one dimension but multiple dimensions to assess the ability of a candidate for fitment to any job. It is helping the company to streamline the recruitment process and select candidates based on a standard. You must know topic covered in an aptitude test and its significance to include them as part of your interview.

What Does Aptitude Test Cover? 

Be it online aptitude tests or paper test; both will have several sections covered as mentioned below to understand the candidate capacity to fit a particular job.

Verbal Reasoning

This section will cover objective type questions based on the fundamental English and grammar. It can include spelling test, grammar test, comprehension, reasoning, synonyms, and antonyms. It will help the company to know the candidate’s communication both orally and written. These tests need not be English only, and any language assessment can be done using the verbal ability test.

Numerical Ability 

As the name indicates, this is all about basic maths and calculations. Any job irrespective of the description must require some fundamental knowledge, also, subtraction, etc. The numerical test will have questions in arithmetic, patterns, sequences, and data interpretation. Also, the speed of the test will vary depending on the level of the analysis.

Spatial Reasoning

You can understand the ability of candidates understanding of interpreting drawings. One can get a test on three dimensions, maps, and routes. This may look less important, but every job will directly or indirectly require people to know about 3D images. Visualization skill is tested in this section.

Need For Aptitude Test 

The test is not limited to the areas mentioned above, but beyond that will be covered and hence helps the company to find the best talent.

The interviewer cannot make out many things during an interview that a test can do. It will let candidates express them without any human bias.

Answers can also be analysed and not necessarily a right or a wrong answer is just the criteria to choose a candidate. How the problem was approached can also be given weight.

One single test can have all the sections covered comprehensively and within a stipulated time which interviews cannot handle.

The necessary ability of a candidate can be assessed, and that is required to select any person for a job. Fundamental knowledge cannot be taught, and rest is possible to be trained. Thus aptitude helps on a large scale.

Online Test

With advancement in technology, the online test has replaced the paper-based aptitude test. This is more convenient than the paper-based as one can give the test from any location. The computer-based analysis will also provide different questions and hence prevent any act of copying even if it happens in the same venue. Further, it is cost effective.

On the whole aptitude test will be the practical method to assess candidates not only for higher education but jobs as well. It can precisely tell the ability and fitment of a candidate for any position.


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