Ways to grow into a Certified Big Data and Cloud Computing Professional Engineer

Cloud Computing

If you are inclined towards data science and fond of extracting useful information out of big data, you surely would have heard about multiple certification courses launched in 2016. These professional data engineer certification programs have been designed for IT professionals that have a knowledge and experience in data pipeline programming, tuning databases, statistical analysis as well as reporting on business data, Cloud Machine Learning along with Big Query.

With the escalation of jobs requiring big data skills especially by huge IT firms such as IBM, Cisco, and Oracle, certifying institutes have made quite a smart and calculated move by introducing these certification programs.

By pursuing the data engineer certification programs professionals will be able to improve their technical skills and provide assistance to organizations in their pursuit of effectively using big data to make smarter and more informed business decisions.

Google’s head of Curriculum and Certification, RochanaGolani, believes that data engineers play a central role in organizations renovating their techniques of making decisions with the application of big data. According to her observation, there is an increased need for professionals who possess an expertise in extracting value out of large sets of data in organizations where business decisions have become data-driven.

IT professionals who will earn data engineer certifications will be able to develop the capability of helping organizations in creating statistical models in order to analyze data for constructing potent business strategies. Such professionals can also be very useful in streamlining the important processes of the business by applying machine learning models. Subsequently, improving the productivity levels in the organization.

Everyone who pursues a data engineer certification courses is expected to design and maintain an organization’s data processing systems in a reliable and extensible manner.

The competencies of a certified professional data engineer should include:

  • Evaluating big data to structure the results of the business.
  • Developing as well as enforcing statistical models built for big data for contributing to decision making.
  • Developing machine learning models for streamlining processes.
  • The building, enforcing as well as maintaining data systems in order to process and troubleshoot.

Ways to become a highly skilled cloud computing expert

If you wish to become proficient in planning along with creating cloud architectures and also provisioning as well as governing cloud infrastructure, there are a number of colleges and universities offering Cloud Administrator certification programs that have been exactly designed for your needs.

The only way you can gain the ability to holistically manage Cloud Platform Technologies is by pursuing relevant certifications for Cloud Administrators. The aspirants will be provided with learnings to administer the user, track, report and manage the safety of data at cloud domain.

IT professionals who have an appropriate experience of working with Cloud Platforms are the perfect candidates for pursuing the Data Engineer certification programs present in the market today. There are a variety of guides available online that can provide you with the list of competencies that are required for the certification. It will assist you in analyzing whether a course like that is appropriate or not.

Here is what you can do to develop into a certified professional data engineer:

Firstly, you are required to attain a little bit of experience in Cloud Platform Technologies.

The next thing you have to do is to bring an Exam Guide for Data Engineer certification programs and evaluate what all skills do you need for the certification.

After you have done all that, if you feel you are completely ready for it, search online for the institutes that provide potent data engineer certification programs.


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