Why Would You Consider Follow Up Treatment As An Important Aspect Of Cancer Treatment

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The main challenge of a cancer treatment is to surgically remove the tissue and keep the adjoining areas safe. Still, it stands to be one of the oldest forms of cancer treatment and it holds good till today. But it is suggested that after surgery patients do go on to follow the post-operative care.

Why do you rate follow up care to be important?

As part of the follow-up treatment, you would need regular check-ups. The standard procedure of lab and blood tests are there. In addition, you might have to give out imaging procedures where a pectoral image of the surrounding area is obtained. All these tests are important as it helps to identify the health condition of a patient. But the main objective of these tests would be to check out the recurrence of cancer in the primary area or the surrounding regions. A clear-cut diagnosis along with prevention of various types of cancer. You can go on to treat a certain type of on-going problems with medications. There is bound to physical problems that might spring up in the days to come as well.

What points the do patients need to be aware?

The patient should be an integral part of the post-operative care. You would need to observe any symptoms which do not show that cancer has returned. There are bound to be some problems which interfere with your day to day life. This could be fatigue, loss of memory, difficulty in concentrating for long periods of time. Weight gain is another challenge which most patients face at this point of time as well. As a patient, you need to observe any slight change and then report it to the doctor on your next visit.

The frequency relating to the post-operative care?

No standard protocol exists in terms of post-operative care. It is dependent on the type of cancer, the individual in question, the type of treatment received as well. At a general level, the appointments are scheduled in 3 to 4 months. This could continue for 3 to 4 months after you have been cured of this disease. On a case by case basis, it depends upon the judgment of the doctor.

As part of the post-operative care, you need to choose the best cancer hospital in India. One of the reasons they are the best is because they do maintain a clear communication between the patients and their team. They go on to detect any type of abnormal growth of cells before it turns on to cancer cells. If you do face any of the symptoms all of them can be solved with proper care.

In certain cases, if you are suffering from cancer symptoms of depression, anxiety or stress can arise. There are a host of relaxation methods that does help you cope up with depression.

It is important that you understand the treatment of cancer is not over once the surgery is done. It is a lifelong process.


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