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Men rarely take care of their health properly. In fact, men mostly overlook symptoms of diseases and regular checkup is considered to be a waste of money. Instead of being ignorant and overconfident, you should take care of your health to not only increase your longevity but also stay safe from various diseases. Here are some tips exclusively for men to ensure good health.

Avoid white food: White sugar, white flour and various other processed food items not only lack minerals and vitamins but the bad news is they also don’t contain natural fiber. Therefore, if you eat these, you will experience a rise in blood sugar level, which leads to diabetes and weight gain. You must avoid white bread, snacks, and soft drinks containing concentrated sugar. Instead, eat fruits, whole grains, and vegetables as much as possible.

Trans fats can kill you slowly:  It is important to reduce your fat intake and you must have heard it before, but avoiding fats completely is not the wise idea. Your enemy is trans fats, which can be found in deep-fried food, and cookies, and pastries. You should avoid the French fry and fried chicken diet; instead, add salmon or other cold water fish to your diet as they contain omega-3 oil which is a healthy fat. In case, you are cooking something at home and need to use oil for frying, then olive oil is your safest option.

Maintain sex life: Smoking can reduce your performance in bed and leading an active sex life is crucial for overall good health. However, that does not mean you should have random sex. Always wear condoms because you don’t want to get infected by HIV virus. If you have any questions about Elisa test or Elisa values, then consult your doctor.

Take some supplements: Although nothing can replace a quality meal cooked at home, you have to agree that these days, vegetables and meat don’t have the same level of quality as it was before. The use of pesticides and fertilizers, as well as, our cooking process deplete our food of minerals and vitamins. Therefore, it is wise to take some multivitamin and mineral supplements to fulfill your body’s requirements.

Weight training is good for health: Exercise is not just about jogging and aerobics. These exercises may help improve your stamina, but nothing reduces extra fat as quickly as resistance exercise. Lifting a few dumbbells and barbells at a gymnasium, even once a week, can help you keep your body in shape.

Moderate alcohol consumption: When you are in a party or feeling lonely at home, it may be quite tempting to open a bottle of whiskey or vodka and drink it all. Drinking is not bad, as long as you can control your habit. It is a proven fact that wine drinking can help prevent heart disease, but only if you drink moderately.


It does not matter if you are just 30+ or reaching 50, what matters is that you must take care of your health to lead a disease free, active life. Don’t neglect your health and visit a doctor to check your BP, sugar, and cholesterol after every couple of months.


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