What Medicines Are Safe During Pregnancy

heartburn meds during pregnancy

Giving birth to a baby is a matter of pride and responsibility. At the same time, it’s a concern for you that both the fetus and you remain healthy. It’s a common thing that you will have some kinds of uncomfortable physical conditions. If the conditions are common like a cold or some skin infection it will be easily treated and cured with no harm to the fetus. But if you get some major infections, of course, you need an instant and proper treatment with consultation with your healthcare provider or doctor. A simple problem like heartburn and some complex infections like hepatitis and what medicines are safe to take during pregnancy for those infections are intended here. But first of all, it is always suggested for you to consult your doctor as early as possible if you face any significant complication during any stage of pregnancy.

Why Heartburn During Pregnancy

Heartburn in most cases has nothing to do with the heart. It is commonly called acidity caused by indigestion. Your stomach produces acids to digest. There is a lid on your stomach called lower esophageal Sphincter which shuts down after the food enters your stomach. During the first trimester of your pregnancy food is pushed to stomach slowly and a longer time is needed to absorb the food and nutrients for the fetus. It may cause heartburn. During the third trimester, your stomach is not in the position where normally it stays due to a growth of the fetus and expansion of uterus. It causes the LES to open up more easily and release acids which are normally produced by your stomach for digestion in the upper parts of your digestive system. So it causes heartburn and reflux.

Major Infections During Pregnancy

As it is said before you may get skin or cold infections during pregnancy but they are not a serious concern as they may be treated easily. But there are some major infections which may cause serious harm like disabilities for lifelong for your baby. These infections are to be treated seriously with no waste of time. Some major infections are zika Virus infection, Hepatitis, Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), Toxoplasmosis, Group B Strep ( GBS), Yeast Infection, Sexually Transmitted Diseases. But you need not worry too much. There are safe heartburn meds during pregnancy and pregnancy infections medicines which your doctor will prescribe. You need to keep contact always with your doctor.

Safe Medicines During Pregnancy

There are of course safe medicines during pregnancy. It is better to consult your doctor as early as possible when you will get the symptoms of an infection or complication. As it has been stated earlier heartburn is common. But if it returns so frequently or u recreate black stool you should consult a doctor immediately. There are specified compositions of antacids or acid reducers which are safe during pregnancy. Know it from your doctor. For cold Infection, if you have chest pain or if you cough blood don’t delay to contact your doctor. For other major infections to there are specific symptoms. As for example, for BV you will have the bad smell from the vaginal discharge.  The situation may be worse by the unprotected sex. So it will be wise not to neglect any unnatural symptom and tell it to your doctor. Your doctor is always the better judge of the conditions and will prescribe you the safe medicines.

Prevention is Always Better

There are always treatments and safe heartburn meds during pregnancy. There are also pregnancy infections medicines. But you should always remember that prevention is better than cure. Maintain healthy habits and keep contact with your doctor. Both your fetus and you will be safe and healthy.


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