10 Fun Facts about Cakes worth Knowing

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The internet now is filled with all the fabulous facts on everything, including of all current events or past. So the same goes for cakes, there are many fun facts about cake, which many are not aware of. Most of us are definite cake lovers. There are various types of cakes available, such as black forest, red velvet, chocolate, white forest, fruit cake, cheesecake, etc.

Nowadays,ordering everything online has become very easy, and so is with cakes, you can order online cake in Chandigarh, Mohali, Delhi, Noida, Pune, Gujarat, or any other place, with just one click. In this post, you will get to read about some of the interesting facts about cakes.

  1. Earlier cakes were used to follow strange rituals. Celtic people used to celebrate Beltane festival, where they would have lit bonfires on top of the hill, and from there they would roll down the cakes which were usually in round shapes. So it was believed that if the cake while rolled down, doesn’t breaks, then it will present good fortune.
  2. Cakes are something important during weddings, but earlier there was a different way of doing so. They used to either break any bread loaf on brides’ head or throw bread pieces on her.
  3. Ever heard of stack cakes? Based upon dictionary.com, an orderly heap or pile is called stack. Such cakes are absolutely special, which is because when couple send invites to any of their relatives and friends, they are supposed to bring layered cake. So each of these layers is being stacked orloaded with the apple butter. The couple’s popularity is then determined by how much the height of this cake is.
  4. Cheese cakes are known to be present ever since bygone era. During the time of the first Olympics, cheesecakes were given to athletes.
  5. The cake’s meaning has changed by time, earlier cake used to be a type of bread, that was oval, round, or in regular shape only.
  6. The popularity of red velvet cake, begin when a woman, long ago, had it in some restaurant, where she loved it so much, that she asked its recipe. The restaurant did give her the recipe, but she was furious when the recipe was received by her. This was because she was being paid $100 for this recipe.
  7. Earlier in England, in the 17th century, it was believed that if fruitcake was kept underneath pillows of any unmarried person, then it will give a nice dream related to their fiancée.
  8. Every heard of whoopie pies? They are cakes where the middles layer of it is covered with nice frosted cream. They are given this name as when farmers used to go for their job, the Amish women would present them with treats. So they used to bake pies, and put them in lunchbox. These men used to get surprised, when they saw pie in the tiffin and screamed “Whoopie”.
  9. Cupcakes were given such name, as in 19th century, they used to be baked within cups, and ingredients used to be measured as cupful.
  10. The first cake presented on birthday was in 1785, when a person was offered cake on birthday.

These were some of the interesting facts about cakes, which are very surprising, and many of us are not really known with.


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