The Best Indian Dishes that will Help in you in Losing Weight

Losing Weight

Losing weight has always been one of the priorities in this age. You not only need to shed those extra pounds to look good but also to feel good and stay healthy. Being healthy and fit is the latest trend, but without causing harm to your body. Too much dieting will cause adverse effects on your body and will make you sick as well. So, choose wisely and try to eat moderately so that you can maintain both your health and weight. Many of us like to gorge upon Indian foods and that actually causes us to become fat because we choose the wrong Indian dishes. We must chose those dishes that will satisfy our taste buds but won’t make us fat an instead will keep us fit. Here, are a list of Indian dishes that will help you in losing weight easily and you can still continue eating your favourite Indian cuisine without skip.

  • Dhokla: The popular food item from Gujarat is loved by one and all. It tastes really good and is very filling. As it is a steamed dish it contains no harmful fats and is very good for patients as well. Anyone can eat this without worry and it is safe for kids as well. It is used both as a breakfast dish and as a side dish even. It is garnished with curry leaves which helps in weight loss and contains all the necessary vitamins that are required for keeping your body healthy.
  • Sambar: It is a kind of lentil based stew and it contains tamarind broth that gives it its unique flavor. Samayal is the name of sambar in Tamil. It is a popular side dish in South India and also in the neighbouring country of Sri Lanka. This immensely popular dish makes any meal complete. It is generally served with main course dishes like Idli, Dhosa, Uttapam, and rice. It makes for a great dish in itself if you intake it just by itself and it can be a good choice for supper and is very healthy as it contains all the necessary vegetables and spices necessary for maintaining a good health.
  • Lemon rice: This is a very popular rice dish in South India and it is very tasty as well. It is a great option for dinner and it contains one of the most essential ingredients necessary for losing weight and that is lemon. Lemons make you lose weight and helps in digestion as well. It also helps in making your skin and hair look good as they become strong and nourished if lemon is taken regularly. This rice dish is perfect for those people who are religious rice-eaters and can’t stay without a meal of rice at least for one meal each day.

Raita: curd is always very good for our health. Even if you don’t get to drink milk regularly, then curd can act as an excellent substitute for milk. This condiment can contain boondi, vegetables, fruits, spices and depending on the area many other kinds of ingredients. It is great as it not only helps in losing weight, but also acts as a cooling agent.


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