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best Momos in Mumbai

Momos are very popular amongst youngster. Young people eat Momos almost all the day. Momos are fast food which people enjoy so much all the time. Momos are having different variety and flavor. Have you ever think about the invention of Momos, let’s think about the journey of Momos. The Momos has famous farthest of all the fast foods. Momos are originated from the Tibetan Recipe. Momos have different varieties.  Varieties mean it has a different filling like meat, lamb etc.

Nowadays Entrprenuers prepare Momos in bulk. All these food entrepreneurs supply Momos to all the vendors and kiosks. All these vendors and hawkers serve steam and fried piping hot Momos with hot sauce to their regular customers.  There was a time, where people associated momos with food from the Northeast. Momos is not a traditional cuisine. In Northeast state like Manipur, Shillong most of the restaurants including Momos in their Menu with passion. But they could not get it right because it’s not a traditional dish a proper meal. Most of the people eat it like a snack.  In Delhi and other state people eat Momos as the snack, not a meal. Momo is eaten by mostly youngster at any time. In Delhi, there is N Number of Vendors and Hawker which serves best Momos in Mumbai.

In Northeast India, Shillong is one of the places where you can get most delicious and dumping Momos as compare to another state. Momos come in two variety like steamed and Fried but different options are there based on stuffing. In Momos chef and vendors serves different stuffing like meat, lamb, and cabbage etc. Most of the people eat Momos with creamy chutney and tomato chutney also. Momos is not a local Khasi cuisine.  Chinese community created Shillong its home in India and introduced Chinese cuisine

In Pune people are also foodie. Most of the people have five days’ work, so they enjoy their weekends outside with their friends if it is fast food or a proper meal. People are very much interested to enjoy good food. Pune .In Pune and other city People eat Momos with different chutneys. In Pune, there are few restaurants which serve best Momos in Pune.

Most of the vendors serve 12 Momos on a plate. Most of the people ordered full plate Momos with their friends & family.

In Mumbai, there is also N Number of vendors. They serve the best quality of Momos at reasonable rates. Few restaurants serve best-Momos-in-Mumbai. Mumbai is famous for its Marathi Cuisine and Marathi culture. But People also love and enjoy different cuisine in Mumbai like Chinese food, Mexican Food and many More.



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