How to Plan Your Wedding Lighting to Brighten Up the Venue

Wedding Lighting

No doubt, having the right kind of lighting can have a direct effect on the ambiance of a wedding venue, and transform it to a dull or bright one. It is no secret that if you choose the wrong lighting style, this can kill the moment instantly. However, when done right, the lighting can help to make each detail of the venue appear more awesome, noticeable, and bright. The right amount of illumination can enhance or highlight details that are hard to detect.

When it comes to lighting, it is advisable that you work with wedding reception decorators, who can guide you on the best options available. Bright and harsh lights with overexposed settings may ruin even the most gorgeous appearing bride. To ensure that all the details or elements of your wedding appear flawless, read on below to learn about some tricks and tips to the best lighting.

Lighting has a great impact, and when you consult event decorators, consider is more like the jewelry of the wedding venue. This is more like a mix and matches thing, similar to adding accessories to your outfit. Keep in mind that the best lighting can make your event an unforgettable one.

So how can you plan the right type of lighting effect? Here are some tips.

Choose Bright up Lighting

Uplighting may be the right kind of technique for you, in which the placement of the lights is often on the ground. This works more like a projector, projecting the light on the objects in the venue and the wall. This helps to illuminate elements of the wedding venue and it enhances the aesthetics of the room. You may ask professionals like Let’s Celebrate Events planners to hook you up with a lighting expert, or consider their expertise and get some tips on how you can focus the light beams at the décor details. Note that the lighting should also spread out in the best way, which will affect the color on the walls.

Natural Lighting is the Best

When you search for a wedding hall or venue, you need to consider this step like the hunt for a home, similar to the role of an estate agent. As you search for the venue, you should pay attention to the natural lighting, which should be bright and gentle so that your photographers can use it in the best way to transform the look of your photographs.

If other venues have narrow windows, this can cause lead to photographs. However, if dark and cozy is your thing, your photographers could use the lighting to create masterpieces. Therefore, it is important that you consult lighting experts.

Goes Before Optics

You can plan to use Gobo lighting, which is the acronym for “Goes before Optics,” which is a popular choice for couples in wedding lighting and events. Gobo is a good lighting style, more like a stencil that slides over the source of light and it projects images on the surface or the wall. This lighting helps to project dates, other designs, and monograms that suit the wedding theme. This lighting decorates simple walls and adds fun elements to the wedding space. Right from the groom’s initials to starry night appearing ceilings, gobo lighting is the best choice, which adds a good variety to the venue.

Try Bold and Bright Colors

When planning on how to arrange the lighting, it’s not a hard and fast rule to stick to just decorating the aisle and stage. You need to consider going bold and brave. Choose something that’s different, you can have hanging lights, chandeliers, bright tone lighting, colorful lighting, and other options.

You can also consider choosing tiny colorful lighting options in a bottle, or search for some lighting trends. If your event is to take place outdoors, you can have paper lanterns as popular options for lighting.  Using paper lighting will help to create a dreamy atmosphere, and keep the wedding mood light and playful, romantic.

Make the Right Choice

Do you love candlelight? Does the area have any strict policy of having no open flame? Do you want to set up several strings of twinkle lights over the tables but lack resources? Your indoor lighting can match your wedding budget and venue. Before you choose a specific style, you should consult the best lighting designer. Consulting wedding reception decorators has its own benefits. Experts can recommend ideas for the venue and more. Experts can also make suggestions or show you some pictures of before and after light settings.

Establishing the right atmosphere often requires a lot of consideration and hard work, depending on the kind of vibe that you wish to convey. Lighting plays a huge role, so you should choose the best options.



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