Steps to Apply for the Australia PR Visa

Australia PR Visa

There is no surprise in the fact that Australia remains one of the most favorite countries for individuals seeking permanent residency visa, thanks to the immense opportunities that come with an amazing standard of living here.

If you are also among several other people who aspire for Australian PR visa, this article will help you understand the complete process of applying for the Australia PR visa.

Steps to apply for the Australia PR Visa

For most of the permanent residency visas, one needs to follow a point based immigration system and the same remains true for Australia permanent resident visa as well. Follow these steps when applying for the pr visa for Australia from India:

Step 1: Arranging all the important documents

Apart from all the other documents related to education and travel, Australia pr visa requirements for Indian citizens include:

  • English language proficiency test results or IELTS
  • Skill assessment report by the concerned assessing authority

Step 2: Select the right category of visa

It is important to make an informed choice regarding the right category of visa. Some of the most popular categories in a PR visa are:

  • Subclass 189 (non sponsored visa)
  • Subclass 190 (state nominated visa)
  • Subclass 186 (employer nominated visa) among several others.

Step 3: Select an occupation

Once you have selected an appropriate category of visa for yourself, it’s time to choose an occupation from the SOL or the skilled occupation list. If you have chosen a non sponsored visa or subclass 189, you need to select an occupation from the SOL of Australia. While, if you have chosen a state nominated visa or subclass 190, you will have to select an occupation from the skilled occupation list of that particular state only.

Step 4: Apply in the point based system of Australia

As we have mentioned above, that the Australia PR visa follows a point based immigration system, the next step is to apply in the point based system of Australia. An Expression of interest (EOI) needs to be submitted in the online skill select system of Australia. You need to mention all your profile details such as education, age, languages spoken, and work experience. Points are given on each of the profile. A minimum of 60 points are required to apply in the system. A higher score rate is certainly better to get the application of visa.

Step 5: Make sure you meet all the health and character requirements

It is important to ensure that you meet all the health and character requirements. You will be required to go through several medical tests and character verification processes.

Once you have done all that you are required to do at your end, it’s time to wait for a response from the concerned authorities. In case, your profile is selected, you will receive an invitation to apply for the concerned visa. All the necessary formalities must be completed within 60 days of receiving the invitation from the authorities.


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