Things to know before you make your first art purchase

Doing a purchase is never an easy decision. It takes a bit of liking, with some rationality, and some convincing until you make that calculative reason to make the purchase.

The decision becomes much paramount when you are aboutto buy an artwork. There might be a painting for sale that you want to get your hands on as soon as possible.

This article is being jotted down with an aim to provide assistance to the people who are on the verge of buying the very first painting of their life.

Don’t worry, stay calm. Read the mentioned below tips and you would be purchasing a perfect painting for yourself. Let’s begin:

The love should be there

If the painting you are going to buy doesn’t speak to your soul you should definitely not make the purchase.

What most of the art aficionados and collectors miss is that art is a way of communication and if that’s not happening, no matter how mesmerising the art piece is or how well it matches with your furniture or how amazingly it has been praised by the ‘art expert’, you are not buying an art.

An art which I may found communicative may seem dumb to you and that’s perfectly ok. It happens.

However, an amazing artist will make sure that his/her painting is communicative to everyone at some point in time.

Always have faith in your guts rather than relying on the resale value and the opinion of the gallery owner.

The longevity of sight

Do you remember reading a piece of literature numerous times and everytime you read, you find a new connection with the write-up?

Or have you watched a movie numerous times and still you laugh, cry, get scared or feel love everytime you see it again?

This happens because the longer you stay with the art, the more it unfolds the implication hidden inside. Even the artists themselves tell people to “read” the art as long as possible.

You may not like an auspicious painting for sale the first time but if you keep looking at it daily, on the 30th day you may start liking the artwork more because now you have deciphered new implications and can relate with it.

There is a share of gallery

This aspect is more of a personal experience that I have seen by myself.

Most of the galleries typically take the half of share of the sold price of the painting. I would agree that not all of the galleries take this much percentage, but what I have explored and saw is, this.

The clever thing would be trying to get in direct touch with the artist. Artists love it when art collectors contact them directly.

You can then have a direct purchase from the artist itself, which in turn, will save you quite a few bucks.

The process of creation

If you are a newbie in the art world, one thing you will eventually learn with time is that the price of a painting also depends a lot on what sort of techniques it is made from.

Actually, how a painting is made define its longevity, its price, its style and a lot of other things.

A painting that is made ordinarily will see its colours fading and designs losing its vivaciousness with time.

On the other hand, if a painting is made using oil paints, it is obvious that the artwork would be costing a hefty amount. It takes around a year or more to completely crave out an oil painting.

Whereas, a print painting is something that is made out in few hours only (if you are good at Photoshop).

The pricing

Always keep accountability if you are paying even a single penny from your pocket. Similarly, if you are buying a painting, see what aspects influence the price of the artwork.

Like, you can find out what the selling history of the artist is and how many hours he dedicated to carving out the artwork.

This will help you to understand where the value of the painting lies. Find out what’s the education qualification of the artist and from where he studied.

All these factors account for a successful purchase of a painting for sale. Follow the tips and you will be happy you came across this article.



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