3 Tips For Writing Great Articles


By now, you should realise that SEO is all about content. Both on-page and off, you can’t avoid the need to write oodles and oodles of content; if Melbourne SEO is based on keywords, then the more, the better. And while articles are an excellent way for businesses to get out and reach users, as well as the top ranks of Google, they can be pretty darn hard to write, and even hard to get the user to connect.

As a result, we’ve come up with three points that we think can make a big difference in the way your audience engage with your articles. Not every piece needs to have these points, but they sure do help get more engagement, and they can improve your overall quality too.

Presentation, Not Promotion

Let’s look at it this way; your website should be about promotion, your articles should be about presentation. Promote your business like there’s no tomorrow on your website, talking about services and quality and history and all that good stuff. But articles need to be share-worthy. Users won’t share some promotional garbage as much as they’ll share a good read about some topic that is aligned with your business.

Put your skills and knowledge to the test and write about your expertise; leave the marketing to the marketers, but you need to push your understanding of your products and provide a point of view that very few have seen before. This is how you get people to share your writing.

Quality Formatting

No one wants to read a huge slab of tiny text in black and white. They just don’t. The internet is not for people who have a lot of time, with users often in between appointments or looking for something specific. If you present them with large swathes of text, they’ll instantly dismiss it as not being what they want, regardless of the content.

Furthermore, without things like appropriate headings, images, references or other details, users can fail to grasp the key points of the article. You want to ensure that no matter how much attention someone gives your articles that they are still able to take away the core concepts presented. All these points can help give users a complete understanding, regardless of their commitment levels.


Finally, look to imbue each article with a little bit of something special. Drab, boring articles are never engaging as you might think they are, even if they discuss the most interesting concepts in the world because they are written like textbooks.

Give users some personality, some unique details that make the content stick. It’s like a job interview; give the interviewer something to engage with, because if every interview is the same, it’s the unique ones that you remember most.

Work With Great SEO Agencies

Of course, Melbourne SEO is something that anyone can do on their own. Create enough articles, share them like crazy and work darn hard to get some connections going. But, if that sounds like hard work, then talk to the experts at any digital marketing organisation. Dedicated hundreds of hours to building your website’s profile online to rank well, they can take care of your content delivery (with your approval, of course) and can drive you up into the top echelons of Google’s search results.


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