Ask these 5 questions Before Selecting an AV Rental Company

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The 21st century is driven by gadgets and planning a professional event with these gadgets would prove to be a suicidal mission. AV and iPad rental companies make it easier for corporate firms and organizations to give their events a tech-savvy transformation. Your event no matter conference, exhibition, promotional event or an indoor event is important, bringing maximum ROI is the ultimate goal.

While the process of finding a perfect AV rental company may seem simple to you as just type some keywords in Google and click your mouse button. Google should be an essential part of your quest for finding the right company, but there is a lot more to consider while selecting such partner for your event.

Let’s have a look at the questions you should ask your rental partner:

Ask These Questions:

How many years have you been in this business?

Asking this question you can have an idea about the experience level of the company you are visiting. Experience is very important is any business, the longer they are in the business, the more numbers of events they may have planned or managed. With all those experiences come thousands of lessons that can make a company pro.

Ask their travel radius?

Most of the companies have travel radius defined in which they do not charge any extra amount for delivering your orders. If your venue is not is their travel radius, you may face additional charges.

How many offices do you have or cities you have footprints in?

Sometimes you may plan an event that is dispersed among different cities or towns. It is a right choice to choose an only company to manage all your events.

Ask about the technology?

After collecting information about their organization, it is the most important question you should ask to them. Technology gets updated regularly. If you are about to hire iPads for your event you should know that Apple upgrades it’s models rapidly. And to reap maximum benefits out of your function you should use the latest technology. Research deeply and select the latest models of an iPad or tablet you want to hire.

What is the skill level of your staff?

No matter how advance, technology can fail and only a skilled professional can get it to work for you again. Technical and support staff can save you from any bad happening, therefore, asking them the skill level of their staff would not only provide you satisfaction but also help in making the right choice.

Have you executed any similar events before?

Suppose you want to host a conference of thousand delegates, you would want to make sure whether they are able to provide resources needed to fulfill your needs. The answer to this question will help you make an educated guess about their services and will help you in hiring decent iPad rental companies.


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