How to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency: 3 Simple Steps

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With countless Melbourne digital agency options to choose from, how can you ensure that your business finds the right company to work with? The selection of a digital agency is a huge part of any growing organisation and you need to make the right decision based on a variety of factors.

Simply put, you want to make sure that the agency you work with has proven experience and a successful history of working in their field, as well as ensuring that they are efficient, effective and proactive in their approach. However, most importantly, you must make sure that their attitudes pair well with your organisations.

Proven Experience

As with any decision you make, you want to trust in your decision. Hiring a digital agency is no different. Experience is a critical factor when it comes to your choice, as this is a sign of a company’s continued excellence in their field.

With digital marketing as an industry totally in flux, it is impressive when organisations are in continuous trade, and more so when they offer real results to real customers. Ask to look at case studies and a list of clients, highlighting the work that they are currently completing.

More importantly, if an organisation has proven experience, they are likely to have dealt with your type of organisation and your industry in the past. This is vital to ensure they can tailor their approach to your specific requirements, delivering a vastly superior product.

Efficient, Effective and Proactive

Every decision made online needs to be made quickly. The rate at which the digital world moves, if you aren’t current with your information or your efforts, you will struggle to make an impact on a larger scale.

As such, you need to ensure that the agency you work with is hard-working and fast-paced. Gathering examples of their reporting structures and written content can provide in-depth understanding of their internal behaviours.

Furthermore, have conversations with the people you seek to hire, and discuss at length their work practices. While the only true way to gauge these factors is through working with them, your conversations can provide much insight into the way they conduct themselves.

Matched Attitudes

Much like choosing friends, you need to gauge the attitudes that the digital agency is going to bring to your relationship. Understanding that agencies are inherently artistic doesn’t mean that their behaviour is going to be free-wheeling, and more importantly, that might not be best for your business any way.

Agencies can have a range of attitudes, including very relaxed and more uptight as well. Regardless, you need to ensure that is meshes well with your brand and your work style. If you are relaxed, you might want someone who is equally relaxed, or even someone a little more focused to drive the project forwards.

No matter which way it swings, ensuring that you are evenly matched is critical. There’s nothing worse than six months in realising you’re not working with who you thought you signed up for.

Choose the Right Digital Agency

Regardless of what you need or what you do, be sure that you’re making the right choice. Realising too late that you’ve selected the wrong Melbourne digital agency can be incredibly detrimental to a business’ long-term success. So choose wisely.


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