Promoting your e-commerce website on Instagram – Some key points you need to remember!


When you are trying to establish your startup, there are some factors that you should take into consideration. The entire business set up can depend on your strategies and business plans related to the promotional works. There are different types of promotional methods and if you are sure about the strategies that you are opting for you can come up with really good plans which would help you gain profit consistently through your business. In the contemporary world, the advent of technology and internet cannot be denied, and companies are gaining a new dimension as they are becoming digitalized. E-commerce is the trending business idea of this age, and there are some promotional ideas which are innovative and helpful for promoting the e-commerce websites.

Social media is a very influential ground in the contemporary world and with millions of users actively operating the various social media platforms; it is also the potential place for promoting any online business as well. There are many different social media platforms like the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, interest and many more. All of them have features which are unique to them and can be applied to promotional works as well. Among these social media platforms, the Instagram is particularly noteworthy for its features which appear to be custom made for promotional work and this is a very influential platform as well. There are approximately 500 million users who actively operate this application every day and 800 million every month.  Here we are going to provide certain tips which would help you use the Instagram profile to your advantage and promote your business through it.

Quality images of the products

There are different types of business that you can promote through the internet, and when you are using Instagram for this purpose, you can simply upload pictures of the products with proper hashtags and captions for promoting them. The images should be clear and not pixilated to make sure that your prospective clients can have a good look at the products that you are offering them. Hire professional photographers for coming up with high-quality images of the products so that they can be displayed on your website.There are different kinds of genres which are particularly in demand, and you can use Instagram for the promotion of such items easily.

Generate sales through Instagram

You can easily use your Instagram account for generating sales as well for your website. The e-commerce website would be able to gain more and more clients through the Instagram account when their posts would be boosted and easily located by the prospective clients. However, you can also get a solution from the Instagram account itself where you can easily sell the products by directly interacting with interested clients. The direct message option on the account can help you with sharing your business details for prospective sales. The trend of the Instagram store also is based on this concept, and you can easily get some clients who are willing to opt for the transaction through the Instagram account if you can build a trustworthy reputation.

Having an Instagram store for any business is fruitful if you have a good amount of knowledge about gaining followers for Instagram so that your account is popular enough and preferred by more and more people.

Brand Reputation

Instagram can be used for building a brand reputation which is very much essential to make sure that your clients are rendered satisfied with your services. There are different strategies which you can come up with for this purpose. The brand reputation can be built by uploading behind the scenes images and videos which are very helpful for building a connection with your prospective clients who would feel connected with you when they are given insider’s knowledge about the company. Subtly highlight the achievements of the company as well through your social media platforms.


There are some ways in which you can use Instagram for your e-commerce promotional works. There are different ways in which your business can consistently gain prosperity and Instagram is certainly a good mode of promotion. The tips provided above are some of the best ways in which you can ensure that you can gain popularity and resultant clients and make sure your follower base is strong and large. A group of dedicated followers can make a large difference in your reputation as an entrepreneur.


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