Top Tips for SEO for Your Website


It is often possible that you desire to optimize in search engines your complete website and not just a page. After selecting proper SEO keywords, and prior to generating content, you have to choose some things.

Before you start, you must establish 3 things:

  • What is your website about?
  • What is its purpose?
  • What is the level of your commitment?

After establishing these 3 things, you can get started on SEO. Get help from professional SEO company in India if you need.

SEO Tips

In order to optimize your complete website for search engines, you must adhere to following tips:

  • Focus the website on a single theme

Website may contain many elements, but select one basic topic which is most crucial to your message. This is a vital step, so you may desire to do some research on keywords before selecting a topic.

  • Mention keywords which matter most

Include the single theme of your website in domain name, title of website, tagline, description, blog categories, keywords, page titles and page content. In case you are operating on WordPress, you can make such changes in General settings.

  • Provide links to certain internal pages in your website

Many systems of content management complete this automatically. In case, yours will not, you must purposely link your most vital pages to your homepage directly and cross-link each other.

  • Use keywords in permalink structures

In some sites, grotesque permalink structures like using numbers for identifying pages, maybe used. Avoid doing this since it is not good for SEO and appears bad.

Make use of a URL configuration that includes text and also take care to incorporate in URL, your keywords. Thus, instead of a URL such as, you should use a better version like

  • Remove slow down features

Load times for pages are vital, so discard any non-essential items which overload your website. Such elements include unnecessary plug-ins, flash graphics, big images and music players.

  • Include keywords in images

Attach to images, words reflecting your site topic in image title, alt attributes and description. In addition, provide a fresh title, if it doesn’t match main keywords.

  • Create links to other sites with related content

You can achieve this by incorporating a resources page, link list or blog roll in your website. Do this in moderation because every outbound link amounts to a ’vote’ for some other site. However if you do this well and users click on your links, this indicates to search engines that you are a trustable authority as regards the topic.

  • Do frequent updating of website

Websites featuring dynamic content mostly get a higher rank than sites featuring static content. This is the reason why directories and blogs perform excellently on search engines. These are being constantly updated using new content.

  • Ensure indexing of site in search engines

Many search engines will automatically locate and index your content. But don’t be over-confident about this. You may need to be certain that search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google are crawling your website, enabling people for finding you online.

  • Get other websites to get links to your site

This is crucial to SEO. But the bad news is that you cannot control this. The only thing to do is to feature excellent content.

These are some top tips for enhancing SEO for your website.


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