Well Written Content is the Most Effective Way to Attract Visitors

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The evolution of SEO strategies is very interesting. Earlier, the focus was more on the product and services (rightly so) and the writeups were not considered as important. However, over the years, experts who are working on implementing SEO strategies have realised that there should be a greater focus on the latter as well. When you seek the services of a search engine optimization agency in Delhi, they will tell you the centrality of the content in your online marketing strategy.

When SEO was evolving (it is still evolving though), people used to stuff their articles with a lot of keywords to get a better ranking. However, they soon realised that this Black Hat technique may bring in the potential buyers to your website once but should they find your content uninteresting, they may not visit again. Everyone who is looking for some products or services also wants to know more about them. They want to know how the products offered by a website are different from their competitors. They want to be informed about the advantages in terms of price, quality or features they will get when they buy a product.

If you go and ask any expert working in any top search engine optimization agency in Delhi or any other place, he will swear by the fact that content is the king. The content put by you should be of high quality and relevant to the products that are sold through the website. Make sure the content you are publishing on your website does not contain any grammatical errors, otherwise people will start to question your authority on the subject.

Besides the quality, you also need to publish more and more articles regularly. If your website is stuck with the same article for years, then you will not get any repeat visitors. People will come to your site only when they realise that they will learn something more with each visit. This is possible only if you put more new and trendy articles on your website and update the existing ones with any new information that comes in. If you publish a large number of articles. It will also get thumbs up from the search engine algorithms. They will come to check if there is a new article on your website. And the more time they stop by your website, the higher chances it has for a better ranking.

SEO and content marketing are closely linked to each other. While you may write a great content and it does not have SEO inputs then it will not help your website get a better ranking. For the content writer, he had to work closely with the SEO experts to get the right kind of keywords. He then has to put these keywords strategically in the content so that it is picked up by the Search Engine crawlers.

SEO experts working for advertising campaign says that a great content needs to have several features to make it attractive to the viewers. Some of these we have listed here for your ready reference.

  • Fresh- The article you write must be fresh and deal with trending issues to attract attention.
  • Keywords in the title and body- You have to put long-tailed keywords both in the body as well as in the title of the article to get better weightage from the search engine algorithms.
  • Great visuals- Make sure that your article is accompanied by attractive pictures or videos to make it more attractive.

If you take care of all these features, then your article will add on to your SEO effort.


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