Advice and Essential Tips for your First Delhi Tour


New Delhi is the capital of India with 14 million inhabitants and is bordered, as Agra, by the Yamuna. It is part of the state of Delhi (not to be confused with New Delhi) and its metropolitan area is the second in terms of population (more than 16 million inhabitants). The monsoon begins in June and ends at the beginning of the month of October. The average temperature is 25°C with a peak between 30°C and 35°C during the rainy season.

The density of roads in the Territory of Delhi is one of the most important of the India. Since little, to improve the traffic, the government tries to evacuate the cows out of the city as the macaques.

The network of internal transport is quite evolved because since more than 10 years the metro revolutionizes the shifts to Delhi, with the bus, the rickshaws, taxis and the train it is when the same easy to find a means of travel. Which in no way prevents the endless traffic jams in the center…

The density of monuments pre and post to the British colonization is impressive, good news for tourists and travelers.

Not to miss in New Delhi we give you access to information for the housing, all the information to know that visit to New Delhi, not to miss according to us as well as the schedules and a lot of useful information.

Our heading “tips” for each city of India will allow you you do not ripped off, save on your budget,avoid places who fear …

Advice and Essential and Tips for New Delhi

Here are a few tips if you decide to go to New Delhi, a list in the disorder but which can be really useful and make that your trip is happening in excellent conditions.

If you have never been to India or if you do not have the habit of travel in general we advise you to avoid the two neighborhoods backpackers who are Pahar Ganj (in the Main Bazaar) and Old Delhi (north of the city). The reel is ubiquitous and the scams are very common, no problem for those who are already went to India or who arrived since a dozen days. To start your trip you will have other concerns and certainly a period of adaptation. If you want to dive into the Great bath directly do not hesitate This is not unmanageable not more…

For beginners in India we recommend to stay in the south of the city, and the housing are more expensive but much more quiet for Begin this journey on the hats of wheel. The neighborhood of the “South e.g. Part Two” is very well. (All know rickshaws you will not have a problem).

If you need to go to the train station to buy train tickets, there has an office on the first floor) especially for tourists who is very well. Especially do not listen to person you say the contrary even those who have a government card or student… There is only a single “tourist Reservation” and it is on the first floor.


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