The amazing Camino de Santiago experience with Spain Golden Visa

Spain Golden Visa

For over a thousand years, travellers and devotees tread wearily across the plains and mountains of the Iberian peninsula only to pay homage at the monument of St. James, located in Santiago de Compostela; a north-western city in Spain.

Camino de Santiago is the most famous long-distance walks and nowadays is more popular than ever that’s best experienced with a Spain Golden Visa. Everyone has the right to make this journey and as you tread the storied route, you’re likely to encounter the faithful as well.

Throughout the journey you’ll meet a diverse mix of hikers, horse riders, cyclist and simple tourists. There’re several Caminos traversing Spain so you can conveniently choose a track to experience the best of Camino de Santiago.

Some of the less obvious routes however gained popularity in terms of distance with Camino Frances taking the lead with 790 kilometres, intersecting the northern Spain which takes more or less a month to complete. Here’s how to make the most of the trip with Spain Golden Visa;

St. Jean Pied de Port

The elegant and fortressed town of St. Jean Pied de Port is a famous starting point for savvy travellers. It’s nestled on the French side of the Pyrenees amidst the gently rolling foothills, approximately 8-kilometres from the Spanish border.

Stroll the fortifications and climb the citadel for a wonderful evening before taking the challenge of trekking the mountains. It’s known to be the toughest stretches of the entire route but the amazing scenery is its own reward and worth enjoying as you move along.


Once you’re over the Pyrenees, the Camino takes you across the opulent green farmlands and modest village of Navarra before descending into the lively town of Pamplona. The restaurants here are simply amazing to give you a genuine cultural cuisine experience.

Beyond Pamplona is a steep climb of the Sierra del Perdón and reaching the summit is rewarded with a sculpture that depicts travellers and loyal travellers throughout the history with amazing views of sun-baked gorges and hills.

Logroño & Burgos

Step from the mix of green and foliage into the undulating countryside and rather barren stretches of the Logroño marking next step of the walk and it’s also the capital of La Rioja region. Spare a few moments here and you’ll always remember the attractive town with its fine architecture and amazing tapas bars. The route is likely to become a little flatter following the next few days but passing through the castles and vineyards is worth it whereas landing in the beautiful city of Burgos is yet another jewel.

Gothic Cathedral here can’t be ignored and country’s most renowned sight best experienced with a Spain Golden Visa. It has what it takes to dazzle every visitor with sheer scale and the closer you get, the intricacy of the Gothic masonry is revealed.

Burgos to Leon

This particular section of the Camino between the Burgos and Leon is deemed the most underestimated route. Most of the devotees and usual tourist hitch a bus ride instead of walking however missing some of the most amazing experiences and stunning views.

The journey gets more pleasurable with scenic villages, dominating castle that sits proudly over the sandstone constructions. The roadside stretch then leads into Leon but not without a certain challenge which on completion is rewarded with beautiful historic buildings and vibrant nightlife.


All the Caminos unites in Galicia but not without a gruelling climb of the entire Camino Frances which ends over the border in the small village of O Cebreiro at an elevation of 1300 metres. The place is dotted with palazzos; round and thatched dwellings in Galicia since the pre-Roman era where families live along with their livestock.


So if you’ve Spain Golden Visa, partaking in the Camino de Santiago is the best thing to experience.


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