What is an immigration Points Calculator?

Canada immigration points calculator

When people want to move out to some other country, they generally tend to seek out means to guide them about their chances of immigration probability to the land of their dreams. An immigration points calculator is such a means. It generally asks the user questions about the general things like their age, educational qualifications, skills, work experience, languages in which they are fluent etc. This information is then processed and points are awarded on the basis of every choice. These points are then used as indicators of the probability a person has to get their applications accepted. Currently, at an average, a person has to have minimum 67 points on the Canada immigration points calculator to be eligible to make the application for a visa.

Why Immigrate to Canada?

Canada is well known for its scenic beauty and breathtaking views. The country has excellent employment opportunities for people. Living conditions are good with low inflation and low crime rates. Health and education is given ample priority by the government. Immigration policies are friendly and encouraging and people from all over the world are welcome in the country.

What is the Permanent Residence Status?

The permanent residence status in Canada is the status granted to someone who is not a Canadian citizen to live and work in that country without any time limit whatsoever. They usually have the same rights and responsibilities as a Canadian citizen. They can become members of the Canada pension plan, avail healthcare, and education benefits as well. Also, after five years, permanent residents can apply for the Canadian citizenship. Later on, they can even apply for PR visa for their friends and relatives.

What do you need to get a Canadian PR?

In order to get the permanent resident status in Canada, the applicant needs to fulfill the following criteria:-

  1. Should not be a Canadian citizen.
  2. Should have been an authorized citizen of his/her previous country.
  3. Should be present in Canada during the visa application process.
  4. Needs to have all valid documents proving identity, educational qualifications, health and character and work experience.
  5. Should have sufficient money to afford the process costs.

If you have been dreaming of studying, or working in Canada or simply living a life of peace and contentment with your family members, you need to apply for the visa first. The points received in the Canada immigration permanent residence point calculator may prove crucial in the approval of your visa request. So do make sure that they are adequate enough!


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