Celebrate the Beauty and Variety of nature with a Hatta Mountain Safari

Mountain Safari

Hatta Mountain Safari is the energizing rough terrain mountain safari trip which includes Dune bashing, Wadi bashing and an opportunity to dunk and make a plunge characteristic water pools of Hatta in Dubai. Hatta Mountain Safari Dubai is an amazing trip to the mountainous region of Hatta. The drive along the Hajjar Mountains and picturesque watercourses give a great chance to explore the strikingly excellent Nature at Hatta. Hatta Mountain Safari trip is an absolute necessity do action in the event that you wish to blessing yourself daily brimming with relaxation and serenity.

Dubai Hatta Mountain Safari talks you through the most exciting safari, joined with the restrictive chance of trekking, and the perfectly set wadi in the middle of the Hajjar Mountains to spruce you up. Satisfying its name and popularity, the Dubai Hatta Mountain Safari offers you an entire bundle of mountains, safari, aqueduct, and fantastic resorts. Enjoy the exciting ride through great Hatta Mountains and an invigorating swim in the Wadi.

Why Dubai Hatta Mountain Safari?

Looking for a day pressed with fun and adventure, Dubai Hatta Mountain Safari is a definitive arrangement. Get yourself reserved for seeing the vainglorious of the Hajjar Mountains and the quality of the wadi set in the middle of them. Visit the Hatta Villages that reflect notable Arab societies and see the sun set behind the great Hajjar Mountains.

Hatta Fort:

Visit the Hatta Fort that stands with its magnificent grandness in the middle of the excellent Hajjar Mountains

Mountain Trekking:

Enjoy trekking through the Hatta Mountain Trail and its lofty winding ways 


Attempt to limit yourself from jumping into the cool blue water of the wadi set flawlessly in the middle of the Hajjar Mountains.

Hatta Mountain Safari Tour Features:

Start off I the morning with threading your way into the wandering Dubai Hatta Mountain, and proceed with your exciting safari with mountain trekking. Experience the adrenaline surge as you tread your way through the mountain. The features of Hatta Mountain Safari are:

  • Free Pick up and Drop off office
  • Hills bashing at famous Red Dunes
  • Sand Boarding
  • Stop at Carpet showcase and Heritage Village in Hatta
  • Energizing Wadi Bashing and end at regular pool


A 4X4 Land Cruiser will be at your support of bring you here and there through the winding slope methods for the Hatta Mountains. The Dubai Hatta Mountain Safari Deal is the best activity and is one of the best vacation spots. The jumpers taking you on the Hatta Mountain Safari are licensed professionals who know their courses around the slopes. Every one of the drivers is knowledgeable in navigating and has an entire course guide of the watercourse and the mountains. The visit bundle incorporates best of the safari manages visits to Hatta Village that is totally protected and secure. The Land Cruisers and completely outfitted with convenient emergency treatment packs to confront any unanticipated occasion. The sustenance served is of the best quality and the aqueduct water for swimming is sheltered and sterile for you to enjoy without an ounce of stress. 

Hatta Mountain Safari – The Experience

Hatta Mountain Safari trip helps you appreciate the natural kind of Hatta. The 4WD is entertaining and enjoyable. The productive driver would influence you to encounter most extreme fun and enterprise while going on the red sand rises at Lahbab. You feel extraordinary and in optimism when the vehicle ends at Carpet market and after that you push forward to the Hajjar Mountains. You appreciate the amazing views in amazement. Its unadulterated experience to traverse twisting chasms, along the Wadis (dry waterway beds) and excellent scenes. It’s an uncommon sight to wonder on a wide assortment of bright shakes development on the Hajjar Mountains. Hatta Mountains brag regular water pools and Wadis. On the off chance that you happen to make your Hatta Mountains trip amid blustery season you will get an opportunity to run over a noteworthy number of water pools in various size and shape. You proceed with your outing to watch the ancient rarities and antique at Heritage Village of Hatta. Hatta Mountain Safari is for sure an escape to the lavish greeneries of Hatta particularly acquiring peace and positive vitality to ones existence.

Safety Features of Hatta Mountain Safari

We take after sound measures to guarantee most extreme security amid the Hatta trip. Hatta mountain visit includes a ton of abandon and go dirt road romping driving and we put incredible push to make your Hatta visit protected and agreeable. Our drivers of the 4WDs are prepared in leave and go dirt road romping driving. These 4wd Toyota Land-cruisers are outfitted with A/C, safety belts and move bars. You should wear safety belts amid your entire Hatta visit.

The Dubai Hatta Mountain Safari bargain is a selective mountain safari that takes you through the twisting sloping ways and ways. The safari is sheltered with GPS route, introduced in the autos. In any case, individuals who experience the ill effects of movement disorder ought to be cautious. Likewise, youngsters younger than 13 years must be joined by grown-ups. Appropriate dressing as per the climate is prescribed to be secured against the extraordinary climate conditions.


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